I love words. Long ones, short ones, even made-up-ones. I love writing words, putting them together in new and different ways that make people think, feel or do something. I love the words in songs, the words in movies, books and TV shows. And much to the dismay of every art director I’ve ever worked with, I also love a good em-dash—they’re seriously great.

I spend most of my days writing ads and many nights and weekends working on the novel I FINALLY finished writing—so why add a blog to the list?

Because like most writers, I have many opinions about many different things. And over the years of taking creative writing classes at the University of Florida, studying copywriting at The Creative Circus, attending writing workshops at Story Studio Chicago, writing a novel and working in the advertising industry for almost 15 years, I’ve learned a thing or two. And what good is knowledge if you keep it to yourself.

So follow me here to read my thoughts and advice when it comes to writing for ads and for fiction. The two aren’t as different as you might think. I’ll also invite other writers—copywriters, novelists, songwriters, poets, comedians, even agents—to share their wisdom. And last, but certainly not least, I’m going to play along with  #WordCrushWednesday and share the words I’m crushing on each and every Wednesday.

Now, who’s with me?

About thishammer

Alison Hammer is an advertising writer/Creative Director and an author currently seeking agent representation. She has lived in 9 cities, studied at 2 universities and 1 “Circus”, worked at 8 ad agencies, sailed on The Rock Boat 15 times and watched over 120 Gator football games (including 2 national championships). She loves words and the challenge of bringing them together to inspire, to sell products and make people feel something. She has experience writing in every medium for clients ranging from telecom and retail to the Military and hotels.
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  1. Kathy Hammer says:

    Just love this….excited to follow your blog….not to mention how very proud I am of you!!


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