Today’s #WordCrushWednesday comes from the TV writers of the short-lived series Red Band Society. It was like Grey’s Anatomy meets Dawson’s Creek and I loved every single episode.

There was one line in episode 8 that really stood out to me. I’ll set the scene:

It’s late one night and Leo, a teenage boy who lost his leg to cancer, is getting ready for bed. His roommate, Jordi, is about to have surgery to remove his own leg thanks to a similar form of cancer.

These two boys are lying awake in their twin hospital beds, lost in their own thoughts about life and mortality when Leo breaks the silence with this gem of a line:

“It’s hard to sleep over the sound of your thoughts.”

There’s something beautiful about how loud silence can be, and how much is said between the things we say. But more on that later.


Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) and Leo (Charlie Rowe) from Red Band Society. 

About thishammer

Alison Hammer is an advertising writer/Creative Director and an author currently seeking agent representation. She has lived in 9 cities, studied at 2 universities and 1 “Circus”, worked at 8 ad agencies, sailed on The Rock Boat 15 times and watched over 120 Gator football games (including 2 national championships). She loves words and the challenge of bringing them together to inspire, to sell products and make people feel something. She has experience writing in every medium for clients ranging from telecom and retail to the Military and hotels.
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  1. Kathy Hammer says:

    That was really powerful!


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